Forklift Operator Cert.  (OSH) / Unit Standard 10851 full course + F Endorsement (NZTA) Unit Standard 18496

Course Aim

Forklift courses aim to:

  • Produce operators who can operate forklifts in a safe, efficient and legal manner

  • Ensure that through having their operators formally trained, the employer complies with WorkSafe NZ Health & Safety (OSH) requirements for the workplace and NZ Transport Agency requirements.


  • An "F" Driver Licence Endorsement is required for any person who is required to drive a forklift on a road.

  • The definition of a "road" includes a place where the public have access whether of right or not.

  • On achieving unit standard 18496 the operator receives a NZ Transport Agency Certificate which should be presented to a Driver Licensing Agency preferably within 60 days for endorsement of his/her licence (Fees apply)

  • This endorsement does not cover the operation of forklifts in the workplace.

Full Course

Our standard "full" course covers:

  • Worksafe

  • Unit Standard 10851 - Operate a powered industrial lift truck fitted with forks - (forklift)

  • This course is for trainees that have never held a forklift licence.

  • You will be trained according to the Approved Code of Practice for TRAINING OPERATORS AND INSTRUCTORS OF POWERED INDUSTRIAL LIFT TRUCKS (FORKLIFTS)

  • This includes classroom instruction, theory and assessment and then a practical driving instruction.

  • On completion you will be issued with a certificate and wallet card to verify you have completed and are competent in Unit Standard 10851

  • This certificate needs to be renewed every 3 years.

  • We can do the F Endorsement at the same time as this course if required.

Certificate Renewal

(This course is to renew your Licence Certificate which is required every 3 years).

  • Since this course is a renewal the course time is shorter.

  • Points covered are any new legislation or requirements that have arisen since your last training session.

  • Some theory will be covered as a refresher and a practical drive will be done to arrest any bad habits that may have crept in.

  • A new certificate and wallet card will be issued.

  • We can do the F Endorsement at the same time as this course if required.